150RT 3"x23" Return Tape Strips

150RT 3"x23" Return Tape Strips
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Product Description

3"x23" Return Tape Strips are a 2mil poly film laminated to a split-back release liner. These pre-cut strips of tape are used to reseal opened boxes or packages being returned to sender, encouraging future sales. This adds to customer convenience and increased profits in re-saleable returns. Available plain, stock (stock print says, "Use this tape to return package.") or custom printed in packages of 100(stock print is clear tape with red ink). Minimum order is 15 packages of 100. ($49.50.94 per pkg) THIS ITEM USUALLY DROP SHIPS IN 3-14 DAYS.


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150RT 2"x23" Return Tape Strips
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150RT 3"x17" Return Tape Strips
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