4 Mil Plastic Bags

4 Mil Plastic Bags
Reducing pre-consumer waste is the first step in decreasing our reliance on natural resources.

The Best Technology

These are Laddawn Smart Tech Bags, engineered to provide three times the impact and twice the tensile strength of traditional low density polyethylene bags. They are formulated to provide better performance at lower gauges.

Maximum Performance with Minimal Environmental Impact

Smart Tech Bags are the perfect blend of technology and source reduction. They are made with 100% renewable energy from sources like wind and solar power; an eco-conscious line that is fully recyclable, completely non-toxic and performs better than the rest. For every 13.000 MWh of traditional electricity we eliminate from the manufacturing process, we avoid 18 million pounds of CO2 emissions. Thatís the equivalent of taking 1,740 cars off the road for 1 year.

American-Made and ISO Registered

Designed and exclusively manufactured in the United States under rigorous ISO 9001:2000 production processes that guarantee performance control and uniformity. Laddawn also guarantees that their manufacturing yields no pre-consumer waste.

Tape Solutions offers a full line of assorted sizes of 4 mil bags. Please call us for a quote. The bags are usually drop shipped from the manufacturer's warehouse within 1-2 days.