43SW-N 1.5"x30FT High Voltage EPR Splicing Tape

43SW-N  1.5"x30FT High Voltage EPR Splicing Tape
Item# 43SW-N-112
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Product Description

1.5"x 30 FT 30 Mil thick, black linerless high voltage rubber splicing tape or also called linerless EPR tape that is self-fusing and used as an electrical insulation tape for low and high voltage splices up to 69 KV. This tape is a compound of ethylene propylene polymers (EPR) and it fuses to itself to form a moisture resistant seal without loss of electrical properties. This tape is rated to 90 degrees C of continuous operating temperatures and intermittent service at 130 degrees C. Very low temperature tolerant of down to - 40 degrees C. The dielectric strength is 750 volts. This tape is well received by even the most strict electrical service companies and often used by electricity providers for their high voltage cables. Each individual roll is wrapped and labelled. (24 rls./cs.) We currently have 12 roll of this in stock at this time. STOCK ITEM. Usually ships same day.