47TT 3"x60YD Solid Color Tunnel Tape

47TT 3"x60YD Solid Color Tunnel Tape
Item# 47tt-3x60
$303.04, 5/$1,262.40

Product Description

3"x 60YD Solid Colors of 7 mil thick slightly glossy polyethylene tape with a deadened adhesive zone and serrated edges. Deadened zone is 1" wide. Used to hold down wires and cables during TV, film, and movie production, concerts, and other stage events to prevent tripping. It has a high adhesion and quick stick, even to difficult to stick to surfaces, yet removes easily from carpet and other surfaces while keeping the cables free of sticky adhesive residue. It is resistant to low temperatures, chemicals, and water. Available in black, red, blue, white, and yellow. (16 rls./cs.) 1 case minimum order. Price is by the case. ($18.94/rl.) Nonstock item. 2-3 week lead time.

There may be faster delivery for the CableZone products also listed in this section. It is also a tunnel tape made by another manufacturer.