1 3/8"x23"x6" White 50lb. Filament Tape Handles

1 3/8"x23"x6" White 50lb. Filament Tape Handles
Item# 1325C138x23x6
$234.38, 5/$1,074.25, 24/$4,872.48

Product Description

1 3/8"x23"x6" White Filament Tape Handles are supplied in a convenient dispenser package. 50lb. Carry Weight. 40 Pads/Case. 1000 Total Handles per case.

These provide a huge cost savings over large bags. Require minimal overall storage space at both register and in stock room. Source reduction for post-consumer waste. Security measure in identifying purchased items at a glance, and eliminating possible theft that large bags encourage. Gives shoppers one-hand control and convenience, allowing them to purchase more items. Custom print is available upon request. Call for a quote.

One case minimum.

Tapelady Notes: The term padded refers to how this product is packaged. There are 25 handles stacked on top of each other to make a "pad". One just rips the top piece off the pad and applies to the product. The dimensions are width X total length of the handle X length of adhesive on each end of the handle. Example: 1" wide X 17" in total length X 3" of adhesive on each end. That makes the actual non-adhesive handle part 11" long.


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