Intertape 591 1/2"x36YD Double sided Paper Tape

Intertape 591 1/2"x36YD Double sided Paper Tape
Item# Intertape-591-12-36

Product Description

1/2"x36YD Double Faced Paper Tape is ideal for many uses including golf grip application, photograph mounting, carpet installation, plate mounting, and as a temporary hold while fabricating. It is a heavy duty double sided flatback paper tape with a white creped paper liner. Considered the standard for golf grip repair. 7 mils thick. A very good tape for woodworking, sign manufacturing, plastic & metal fabricating, stained glass, printing, and event & catering industries. (72 rls./cs.) STOCK ITEM. USUALLY SHIPS SAME DAY.

A very versatile product because it's adhesive structure is permanent, but it can be removed fairly easily from almost all hard surfaces. This product is excellent in holding multiple pieces of these materials together while you cut them into letters or other shapes. You can then remove the tape after cutting and it doesn't leave a residue.