Tach-It TM 6100-SS Automatic Definite Length Dispenser

Tach-It TM  6100-SS Automatic Definite Length Dispenser
Item# 6100-SS

Product Description

When you need an electric tape dispenser that automatically feeds and cuts preset length pieces of tape, choose this dispenser for roll widths up to 2" wide. You can put 2 rolls of 1" or smaller or one 2" wide roll in this machine. It has a safety shield that protects the operator from the blade. It performs a guillotine cut, which is one reason this machine is easy to use. It can cut most types of tape from 1/2" to 39" lengths. The machine will feed the next piece of tape as soon as the previous one has been removed. For random lengths of tape, simply hold the feed button down until the desired length is fed and then press the cut button. The machine is 8" long and 5" wide and 5.5" tall. It works off of 110 Volt VAC. Maximum roll diameter is 6" with 3" cores. Speed is about 7" per second.