720W White Tamper Evident Tape Strips 2"x9"

720W White Tamper Evident Tape Strips 2"x9"
Item# 7720

Product Description

2"x9" (100 strips/cs.) White tamper evident tape strips that are designed to reduce product theft. An excellent choice for closing cartons containing high value items such as electronic and computer products, pharmaceutical items, confidential documents, and jewelry. Once removed or tampered with, the message SECURITY remains clearly visible. Available in rolls, individual strips, or pads. This tape can be hand applied. Also available in 2x17 and 2x23. Call for pricing. MINIMUM ORDER IS 2 PKG. ($60.90/PKG)


150RT 2"x17" Return Tape Strips
$28.00, 15/$375.00, 60/$1,200.00, 120/$2,160.00
150RT 2"x23" Return Tape Strips
150RT 3"x17" Return Tape Strips
$442.65, 4/$1,417.20, 8/$2,428.80
150RT 3"x23" Return Tape Strips