ATG-7502 3/4"x36YD 2 Mil ATG Tape

ATG-7502 3/4"x36YD 2 Mil ATG Tape
Item# ATG-7502-34
$5.00, 48/$180.00

Product Description

3/4"x36YD 2 Mil Adhesive Transfer Tape for your ATG gun for those who need or prefer the widest roll. ATG tape for use in ATG guns for mounting, holding, joining two surfaces together, and splicing paper, cardboard, textiles, plastics, leather, wood, glass, and painted surfaces. Reverse wound on a 1" plastic core. (48 rls./cs.) This tape is acid neutral. These rolls will fit in any 3M ATG gun. This tape crosses to 3M 924, 987, and Tesa 7002. STOCK ITEM. USUALLY SHIPS SAME DAY.

Tapelady's Note: Adhesive transfer tape for use in an ATG gun is referred to by many names, such as ATG tape or "buger" tape. It is one of the most popular selling tapes I carry, because it is inexpensive and very versatile. Printing companies, binderies, small print shops, frame shops, and scrapbooking enthusiasts use this product to assemble their items. It is faster and cleaner than glue. The ATG-7502 is a 2 mil adhesive that sticks to most surfaces. If you have a paper stock that is heavily glossed or very thick, I recommend going with the other product on the site which is a 5 mil adhesive transfer tape that sticks more aggressively (ATG-7505). This tape is meant to use in a dispenser that takes the liner up as you roll out the adhesive. The dispenser to use with this tape is below; however, this tape will fit in any manufacturer's dispenser, including 3M. Stock item. Usually ships same day.