ATG-7505 3/4"x18YD 5 Mil ATG Tape

ATG-7505 3/4"x18YD 5 Mil ATG Tape
Item# ATG-7505-34

Product Description

3/4"x18YD 5 Mil Adhesive transfer tape for an ATG gun. to use when a more aggressive adhesive is needed. Used to assemble pocket folders, splicing, or other product assembly. This tape will fit in any manufacturer's dispenser, including 3M. 1 CASE Min. order (48 rls./cs.) $6.00/rl. NONSTOCK ITEM. USUALLY DROP SHIPS IN 3-5 DAYS. This tape crosses to 3M 969 and 926.

Tapelady's Note: This ATG tape is actually a double-faced adhesive transfer. The adhesive on this tape is very aggressive and works wonders on all those glossy or varnished papers, as well as, heavy paper stock that on a fold fights against the joint. (In other words, the strength of the paper tries to pull where you taped or glued it apart.) This tape is designed to use in a dispenser that takes the liner up as you roll out the tape. The dispenser for this tape is below; however, these rolls will fit in other manufacturer's ATG guns.