ATUHB10 1/2"x60YD 10 Mil Acrylic Transfer Tape

ATUHB10 1/2"x60YD 10 Mil Acrylic Transfer Tape
Item# atuhb10-12-60
$81.62, 3/$222.60, 12/$799.68

Product Description

1/2"x60YD 10 Mil structural grade unsupported acrylic adhesive transfer that has been skillfully engineered to provide a strong, moistureproof bond between various substrates. It is flexible, moldable, and compressible. Due to its carity, it can be used to bond glass and other clear materials. Bonds permanently to most clean, dry, oil-free, non-porous surfaces, including aluminum, stainless steel, glass, painted metal, and many others. Used in attachment of dissimilar surfaces. Used for auto and truck trim attachment; in aviation, marine, electronics, furniture, signage, and appliance industries. Typical applications are replacing mechanical fasteners (such as screws and rivets), bonding nameplates and decorative trim, window fabrication for both standard and high-impact resistant, bonding metal in electrical panels, HVAC units, and fabrication of bullet proof products. Maintains bond at sub-zero temperature. Excellent UV, solvent, and moisture-resistance. Color: Water clear. Cross to 3M 9473. THIS ITEM USUALLY SHIPS FROM THE MANUFACTURER IN 3-5 DAYS.2 roll minimum order. ($40.81/rl.)

Tapelady's Note: UHB tapes are a unique product in that they are designed to perform the job that a screw, weld, rivet, or epoxy was previously used to do. It is extremely permanent. Do not use this product if you are going to want to remove it later. You would have to saw it in half to get it off! They can be used outdoors because they are weather, UV, vibration, and temperature resistant. When you first observe this tape, it will feel like it isn't very sticky to the human skin. It isn't. When you apply it to a substrate, it takes about 72 hours for it to flow into the nooks and crannies of the surface. Once it has, it becomes a permanent part of that surface. I strongly advise that the surface be cleaned thoroughly to remove dust and oils. This will ensure the best bond for the adhesive. A 50/50 mix of water and isopropyl alcohol usually does the job. Citrus-based cleaners are excellent, too.