2"x60YD Colored Duct Tape

2"x60YD Colored Duct Tape
Item# cdt-36-2

Product Description

2"x60 Yd 10 Mil Colored Duct tape available in a wide variety of colors in small quantity (THE PHOTO JUST SHOWS THE DIFFERENT COLORS. YOU HAVE TO SPECIFY WHAT COLORS YOU WISH TO ORDER!) Although this pricing structure is for 5 rolls @ $10.98/rl., if you buy more than one color, you can reduce the quantity minimum per color to 3 rolls. Please call us with your assorted colors order, if you want less than 5 rolls each. If you wish to buy full case amounts of 24 rolls each, we can offer a price break to $9.15/rl. We do have silver and black available in another brand for less. Please check our other products in the website for the best deal. This product does have the broadest color selection.

This is a high quality polyethylene-coated cloth tape with a rubber adhesive that will conform well to irregular surfaces and will not twist or curl during application. Excellent water and abrasion resistance. It is hand-tearable and used as a waterproof packaging tape for export shipments, splicing, vinyl repair, color coding, and various craft and art projects. THIS PRODUCT IS USUALLY DROP SHIPPED, SO PLEASE ALLOW 3-5 DAYS TO SHIP.