2" X 60 YD Fluorescent Duct Tape

2" X 60 YD Fluorescent Duct Tape
Item# CDT-70F-2
$80.97, 8/$540.00

Product Description

2"x60YD Fluorescent Cloth Duct Tape that is 11.8 mils thick, which is very heavy duty, with a strong natural rubber adhesive. It is designed for easy tear and unwinding to enable fast, easy application for gaffers, trade show exhibitors, stage design, crafting, props, and more. The fluorescent colors will glow under a blacklight which makes it great for displays, props, stage, music halls, decorations, and special effects. This colored duct tape is water resistant and will stick to almost any surface. It's temperature range is moderate from -31 degrees F to 106 degrees F. Minimum order is 3 rolls, so pricing is for 3 X $26.99/rl. This item is slit from logs, so please allow 3-5 days to ship.