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1"x36YD Copper Foil Tape

1"x36YD Copper Foil Tape
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Item # CFL-5CA1x36
Regular price:$261.60

Product Description
1"x36YD Copper Foil Tape with a conductive acrylic adhesive

Provides excellent solderability and conformity. Used for RFI/EMI shielding applications. Conductive adhesive is uniformly dispersed with conductive spheres to provide a very low rate of electrical resistance through the tape (.003 Ohms/ Use as a cable wrap or seaming of EMI/RFI shielded forms for electrical continuity.

Typical applications for the non-conductive adhesive version are EMI/RFI shielding of small electromagnetic components (i.e. transformer/reactor coils) and cable splices; repairing, modifying & prototype designing of wiring boards, supplementary shielding of joints/seams; flat conductor assemblies. For the conductive adhesive version, applications include cable wrapping to provide EMI/RFI shielding, seaming of EMI/RFI shielded rooms for electrical continuity, static discharge draining, surface contact to non-solderable materials (e.g. aluminum or plastics). Meets MIL-T-47012.

6 roll minimum. ($43.60/rl. for non-conductive adhesive or $52.00/rl. for conductive) THIS ITEM WILL BE DROP SHIPPED IN 3-5 DAYS. This product is slit from logs, so please contact us for a quote if you need a different size.

Other Sizes Available
1/2"x36YD Copper Foil Tape

3/4"x36YD Copper Foil Tape

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1"x36YD Copper Foil Tape