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Shurtape CP631 1/2"x60YD Colored Masking Tape

Shurtape CP631 1/2"x60YD Colored Masking Tape
Order Information
Item # cp631-12
1 - 71 units$2.95 ea.
72 - 215 units$2.75 ea.
216 - 1583 units$2.50 ea.
1584 + units$2.10 ea.

Product Description
1/2" x 60 YD Colored Crepe Paper Masking Tape for general use in packaging, bundling, holding, binding, splicing, labeling, color coding, banding, decorating, and identification. Heavy metals free! Shurtape CP631 is the only tape on the market that has been tested against US government standards for the absence of heavy metals that could be harmful to health. This product is also latex free and silicone free. Conforms to ASTM D-4236. This certification means that the product is safe to use by children and adults for art projects in schools, scrapbooking, or crafting. Flexible, resistant to water, oil, solvents. Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, yet will release . Natural Rubber Adhesive adheres well to a variety of surfaces under a wide range of application conditions. Available in several colors. 72 rls/cs. ALL COLORS ARE IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE FOR LESS THAN CASE ORDERS. WE HAVE 55 ROLLS OF BLACK AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE. BUY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Other Sizes Available
Shurtape CP631 3/8"x60YD Colored Masking Tape
1 - 95 units$2.20 ea.
96 - 287 units$1.90 ea.
288 - 2207 units$1.60 ea.
2208 + units$1.40 ea.
Shurtape CP631 3/4"x60YD Colored Masking Tape
1 - 47 units$3.65 ea.
48 - 143 units$3.20 ea.
144 - 1247 units$3.00 ea.
1248 + units$2.70 ea.

Shurtape CP631 1"x60YD Colored Masking Tape
1 - 35 units$4.80 ea.
36 - 107 units$3.62 ea.
108 - 971 units$3.33 ea.
972 + units$2.74 ea.


Shurtape CP631 1/2"x60YD Colored Masking Tape