1"x36YD Clean Room Tape in Colors

1"x36YD Clean Room Tape in Colors
Item# CVT-636P-1-C

Product Description

1"x36YD 6 Mils Thick Colored Vinyl Tape on a plastic core for use in clean areas. Cleanroom vinyl tape has a plastic core so that it can be used in a cleanroom environment. This product is your traditional colored vinyl tape - just not the traditional cardboard core. Tape Solutions provides many clean room contractors, construction, labs, and semiconductor facilities with this product. It is of good quality, can be written on, is very conformable, and abrasion resistant. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes. These colors (other than white that can be ordered on a different item page) are slit from logs and will not be individually bagged. They will be bulk packed. 1 case minimum order @ 48 rolls per case ($4.65/rl.) This item is drop shipped and usually ships within 5-7 days.