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229 1"x60YD Flatback Paper Tape

229 1"x60YD Flatback Paper Tape
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Item # 229-1-60
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Product Description
1"x60YD Brown Flatback Paper tape for packaging, splicing, and holding. This is a strong, flexible tape with a high cross-direction tensile strength. (36 rls./cs.) 1 CASE MIN. ($3.73/RL.) NONSTOCK ITEM. PLEASE ALLOW 3-5 DAYS LEAD TIME.

Tapelady's Note: Flatback paper tape is a staple product because it is a great tape that is so versatile and a good quality product. Flatblack paper tape has long been used by movers because it is strong and hand-tearable. No need for a dispenser. Because of its strength, many other uses have been discovered for it, such as splicing and holding where regular masking tape just isn't strong enough.

Other Sizes Available
Shurtape FP96 2"x60YD Flatback Paper Tape
1 - 23 units$8.20 ea.
24 - 71 units$7.40 ea.
72 + units$6.10 ea.

229 1"x60YD Flatback Paper Tape