IB6 Ice Brix® Gel Packs 5.5"x4"x3/4"

IB6  Ice Brix® Gel Packs 5.5"x4"x3/4"
Item# IB6
$0.85, 48/$33.60, 96/$61.44

Product Description

6 oz. Ice Brix Gel Packs 5.5"x4"x3/4" that once frozen will help keep perishable items, such as food, at a steady temperature and increase the amount of time an item stays cold or frozen. It is a leakproof, viscous gel that is non-toxic and listed as FDA GRAS. Very well priced. Your should use equal amounts of packs for the weight of the food you are shipping to keep it cool or a 2 to 1 ratio to keep it frozen. It is important to note that this product must be used in conjunction with an insulated container, such as EPS foam inserts or insulated mailers. See video on category page. STOCK ITEM THAT USUALLY SHIPS SAME DAY. (96 pouches per case)