Industrial Duct Tape

Industrial Duct Tape
Economy Grade to Premium Grade Duct tapes from Intertape, Polyken, Shurtape, and more to suit the needs of almost every application. Duct tape is universally known as the ulimate tape to fix just about anything. Most general use applications are packaging, bundling, sealing, seaming, repairing, holding, and waterproofing. Very good adhesion characteristics. We have available to us higher grades of duct tape that can be used during mold and asbestos abatement and in rugged environments. Its high tack adhesive has a superior shear performance that grabs quickly and seals dependably.

Intertape AC20 2"x60YD Silver Duct Tape
Shurtape PC599 2"x60YD Duct Tape
$187.20, 20/$2,673.60
Shurtape PC621 2"x60YD Contractor Grade Duct Tape
$15.20, 24/$328.32
Cantech 99-21 2"x60YD Premium Grade Duct Tape
$12.20, 24/$278.88, 72/$732.24
Shurtape PC667 2"x60YD Outdoor Duct Tape
$11.50, 24/$246.00, 72/$648.00
Cantech 94 2"x60 YD  Black Duct Tape
$9.99, 24/$190.80, 72/$500.40
Cantech 94 2"x60YD Colored Duct Tape
Regular price: $8.65
Sale price: $8.40
2"x60YD Colored Duct Tape
Polyken 203 2"x60 YD Silver Duct Tape
$188.88, 6/$1,080.00, 20/$2,860.80
Polyken 3"x60 YD Silver Duct Tape
$190.40, 6/$1,080.96, 20/$2,883.20
Polyken 203 4"x60 YD Silver Duct Tape
$199.68, 6/$1,134.72, 20/$3,021.60
Polyken 203 2"x60 YD Colored Duct Tape
$212.88, 6/$1,167.84, 20/$3,091.20
Polyken 203 3"x60 YD Colored Duct Tape
$213.12, 6/$1,147.20, 20/$3,276.80
Polyken 203 4"x60 YD Colored Duct Tape
$212.88, 6/$1,146.96, 20/$3,273.60
2"x60YD Shurtape SF682 Metalized Backing Duct Tape