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LDPE-5A 3"x36YD Polyethylene Tape

LDPE-5A 3"x36YD Polyethylene Tape
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Item # LDPE5A-3x36
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Product Description
3x36YD low density polyethylene film tape with an acrylic adhesive that is highly conformable with good abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and an outstanding moisture barrier. Has a high adhesion level with a permanent bond that is UV-resistant. Can be used outdoors without yellowing or cracking. Applications are pipe wrap, sealing, splicing, seaming or patching. Comes on a plastic core, so can be used in a cleanroom environment. 1 case minimum order of 16 rolls. ($18.96/rl.) THIS ITEM CAN BE DROP SHIPPED IN 3-5 DAYS.

Other Sizes Available
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LDPE-5A 3"x36YD Polyethylene Tape