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LDPE-9R 3x36YD Polyethylene Tape

LDPE-9R 3x36YD Polyethylene Tape
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Item # LDPE9R-3x36
Regular price:$232.00

Product Description
3x36YD 9 mil thick low density polyethylene film tape that is coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive that remains permanently tacky and bonds well to most surfaces over a widerange oftemeratures. Tough backing offers good abrasion and tear resistance. It is highly conformable, waterproof, and resistant to chemical deterioration. Used for plicing, patching, repairing plastic sheeting used in boating and RV industry, as well as, surface protection, color coding, and electroplate masking. 1 case minimum of 16 rolls. ($14.50/rl.) THIS ITEM CAN BE DROP SHIPPED IN 3-5 DAYS.

Other Sizes Available
LDPE-9R 2x36YD Polyethylene Tape

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LDPE-9R 3x36YD Polyethylene Tape