1"x36YD Lead Foil Tape

1"x36YD Lead Foil Tape
Item# lf-5-1

Product Description

1"x36YD Lead Foil Tape with either acrylic or rubber adhesive. Each roll has a liner on the adhesive side. This tape is 100% pure lead foil which is highly conformable and can be shaped to the most intricate patterns. The acrylic adhesive option is specially designed to aggressive yet removeable. It is weather, solvent, and heat resistant. Used for decorative leaded windows, radiation/xray shielding, as a vapor barrier, and masking for electroplating. The rubber adhesive is offers excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, such as metal, glass, films, foils, and papers. Used for stop off masking during electroplating, to add weight to golf clubs, and as an electromagnetic and radio frequency shield. 6 roll minimum order. ($68.25/rl.) Usually drop ships in 3-5 days.