MD/4RB or MD/4TB Quadruple Tape Dispenser

MD/4RB or MD/4TB Quadruple Tape Dispenser
Item# MD-4RB
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Product Description

Hold up to 4 different rolls of 1" (or less) wide rolls of tape on one dispenser. This heavy-duty steel dispenser works with either single-sided adhesive tapes or double-sided. Each dispenser is weighted with sand for stability and has a soft rubber padding on the bottom to prevent sliding or scratching. You can choose this dispenser with the RB (razor blades) for use with thinner tapes like polypropylene, pvc, or polyester or the TB (toothed blade) for tapes that are tougher to cut, such as filament tapes, masking tapes, and double-coated tapes. (The dispenser will not remove the liner from double sided tapes.) You may also mix the blade types on the same dispenser, if you order the dispenser with a separate set of blades. The last two options in the drop down box allow you to have two different blade styles on 1 dispenser. Maximum Diameter Roll is 5" on two of the rollers and 6" maximum on the other two rollers. This item usually drop ships within 3-5 days.