MMYP-1 1"x72YD Metalized Polyester Tape

MMYP-1 1"x72YD Metalized Polyester Tape
Item# mmyp1-1

Product Description

1"x72YD .9 Mil Metalized polyester film tape with a brilliant, vibrant mirror-like finish that is coated with a long lasting acrylic adhesive. It has excellent chemical and thermal stability. The silver color can be qualified to meet Federal Specification L-T-100B, Type II. Comes on a plastic core. Can be used for reflective shielding, graphic arts, decorative trim, automotive trim, nameplates, electric appliances, advertising displays, micro film splicing, and possibly as a photo sensing product to detect splices. Can withstand temps up to 300 degrees F. Cross to 3M 850. Minimum order is 6 rolls. This price is for 6 rolls @ $13.66/rl. for silver. Other colors are a little higher. This item usually ships from the manufacturer in 3-5 days.