OPP26NR 2"x110YD Clear Carton Sealing Tape

OPP26NR 2"x110YD Clear Carton Sealing Tape
Item# OPP26NR-2-110-C
$213.84, 3/$544.32

Product Description

OPP26NR 2"x110YD Clear Carton Sealing Tape
2"x110YD 2.5 Mil Clear Natural Rubber Carton Sealing Tape to use in demanding packaging situations such as recycled, imported, or dusty boxes. Also, can be used in cold temperature environments (0 degrees F - +150 degrees F) (36 rls./cs.) NONSTOCK ITEM. USUALLY DROP SHIPS IN 1-3 DAYS. 1 CASE MINIMUM ORDER ($5.94/RL.)

For price break, you may order any quantity that is in increments of 36 rolls.

Tapelady's Notes: Natural rubber adhesive is the most aggressive adhesion you can find in a packaging tape. For those of you who can't ever seem to find a tape that sticks as well as you would like it to, this is the tape for you! It performs better than anything else for dusty boxes or for retaping boxes than are imported from overseas. Those boxes are typically recylced and have particles that they shed. This tape will get beyond them and stick.