3"x60YD Polyester Carton Sealing Tape

3"x60YD Polyester Carton Sealing Tape
Item# pes-32g-3

Product Description

3"x60YD 3 mil polyester carton sealing tape with an extremely aggressive hot melt rubber based adhesive that insures instant holding power and provides a quick reliable seal when used on RSC boxes and fiber drums. Also has a temp range of -35 degrees F to 130 degress F. The tan color is 10% higher in price and meets PPP-T-60E, Type 3, Class 1 and the clear meets this spec for Class 2. It is also certified to PPP-T-70, A-A-1684-B, and A-A-1830-A. This product is an excellent cross to Permacel P929 and 3M 355. (24 rls/cs.) 1 case minimum order. ($16.24/rl.) Usually drop ships in 1-2 days.