Glow in the Dark or Photoluminescent Tape 1"X50YD

Glow in the Dark or Photoluminescent Tape 1"X50YD
Item# PGD-6-1

Product Description

1x50YD Photoluminescent or glow tape is a flexible polyester-laminated film coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive that absorbs and stores energy from normal, ambient light. In sudden darkness, the tape is immediately visible. These tapes are a non-electric safety system that easily and inexpensively affixes to walls, handrails, columns, around doorframes, and along stairways and baseboards. Tape will glow in total darkness after exposure to artificial or natural light - it is fully charged within 30 minutes. Glows brightest the first 30 minutes, but will remain clearly visible in a totally dark room to the night-adapted eye for 6+ hours. They can be used for safety to identify exits and illuminate paths. This product can be used indoors or outdoors. THIS ITEM DROP SHIPS IN 1-2 DAYS.