SH-400 Economy Label Dispenser

SH-400 Economy Label Dispenser
Item# SH-400
$507.15, 3/$1,335.00

Product Description

This low cost electric label dispenser is for all types of labels up to 6" wide. It is easy to adjust and operate because it uses an extra sensitive micro-switch to sense the leading edge of the label as it is fed and stops the motor automatically at the desired location. You can use all types of labels on either a 1 inch or 3" core. Feeds about 240 inches per minute. It is a small design that fits on a table top and is very safe to use.

Dispenser Specs: Maximum Label Width: 6" Maximum Label Length: 9" Minimum Label Width: 3/8" Minimum Label Length: 5/8" Maximum Diameter of Label Roll: 12" Speed: 240"/min. Power: 110 Volt