SH-404TR Automatic Label Dispenser

SH-404TR Automatic Label Dispenser
Item# SH-404TR
$795.00, 3/$2,310.00

Product Description

Electric automatic label dispenser from Tach-It that will dispense labels, remove the liner increasing your productivity. Each time a label is removed from the machine, an optical reader advances the next label. You can use any color, shape, or size from 3/8" wide to 6" wide. This machine is high quality with state of the art components that is durable and made to last a long time.

Maximum Label Length: 14" Minimum Label Length: 5/8" Maximum Label Width: 6" Minimum Label Width: 3/8" Maximum Diameter of Label Roll: 11.5" Speed:240"/min. Power: 110 Volt, but a 220 Volt is available.