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Shurtape CP83 1.5"x60YD Masking Tape

Shurtape CP83 1.5"x60YD Masking Tape
Order Information
Item # Shurtape-CP83-15-60
1 - 2 units$69.70 ea.
3 - 53 units$55.30 ea.
54 + units$48.52 ea.

Product Description
1.5"x60YD General Purpose Masking Tape with very high adhesion for packaging, bundling, holding, splicing, tabbing, and banding applications. This flexible tape provides good adhesion and has excellent quick stick. Great for holding up polytarps and other noncritical paint applications. (24 rls./cs.)

There is a one case minimum. ($2.90/rl.) NONSTOCK ITEM. LEAD TIME IS 1-2 WEEKS.

Tapelady's Note: CP83 is a great quality masking tape for general use. It can be used for non-critical indoor paint jobs.

Other Sizes Available
Shurtape CP83 1"x60YD Masking Tape
1 - 35 units$2.35 ea.
36 - 107 units$2.06 ea.
108 - 2015 units$1.75 ea.
2016 + units$1.50 ea.
Shurtape CP83 2"x60YD Masking Tape
1 - 23 units$4.50 ea.
24 - 71 units$4.10 ea.
72 - 1007 units$3.40 ea.
1008 + units$3.00 ea.

Shurtape CP83 1.5"x60YD Masking Tape