Shurtape HP-100 3"x110YD Carton Sealing Tape

Shurtape HP-100 3"x110YD Carton Sealing Tape
Item# Shurtape-HP100-3-110-C
$4.00, 24/$91.20, 72/$228.96, 1032/$2,610.96

Product Description

3"x110yd 1.6 Mil Clear Polypropylene Carton Sealing Tape with hot-melt rubber adhesive (24 rolls/case) THIS IS A STOCK ITEM. USUALLY SHIPS SAME DAY.

For price breaks, you may order any quantity that is in increments of 24 rolls.

Tapelady's Notes: This is a product that has consistant quality and is the best choice for those who want a less expensive carton sealing tape without sacrificing too much on quality. 3" wide rolls are excellent for oversized or overstuffed boxes. They also help with those packers who can't seem to get the tape on straight! You can use one strip instead of multiple strips of 2". You will need 3" wide tape dispensers, but we sell them at a low cost. See one below.


Shurtape HP-100 2"x110YD Carton Sealing Tape
$3.10, 36/$96.48, 108/$251.64, 1548/$2,616.12, 2160/$3,304.80