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Shurtape PC667 2"x60YD Outdoor Duct Tape

Shurtape PC667 2"x60YD Outdoor Duct Tape
Order Information
Item # Shurtape-PC667-2-RD
1 - 23 units$9.75 ea.
24 - 71 units$9.25 ea.
72 + units$8.00 ea.

Product Description
2"x60YD Red Outdoor Duct Tape to use on stucco or other applications where the tape will be exposed to outdoor conditions for up to 14 days. Shurtape has a unique specialty grade 14-day UV resistant outdoor duct tape that is used for protective masking of non-painted surfaces of various materials such as steel, vinyl, aluminum, and anodized metals. Used in plastering, stucco, concrete, pools, tile, sports surfaces installation, and other synthetic surfaces when UV resistance is required. Clean removal. (24 rls./cs.) Stock item.

Tapelady's Note: This is a special duct tape that is hard to find from anyone other than Shurtape. You can use this product outdoors for up to 2 weeks and it will remove without leaving a residue. It is a proven winner for companies in construction or outdoor/sports surfaces installation. We can have a sample sent upon request.

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Shurtape PC667 2"x60YD Outdoor Duct Tape