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SL7326 2" Table Top Dispenser

SL7326 2" Table Top Dispenser
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Item # SL7326
Regular price:$23.96

Product Description
Table top dispenser to hold up to 2" of either multiple rolls of tape or one single 2" wide roll. STOCK ITEM. USUALLY SHIPS SAME DAY.

Tapelady's Note: This is one of our most popular selling dispensers. It is practically all metal, so it is durable. It is weighted so it stays in place during use, but doesn't have to be mounted on your surface. The core holder can take 1 roll of tape that is up to 2" wide or multiple rolls of tape up to 2" in width. There are wider versions of this dispenser available, as well. Call for information and pricing if you need a different size.

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SL7326 2" Table Top Dispenser