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150 2" x 36YD Colored Vinyl Tape

150 2" x 36YD Colored Vinyl Tape
Order Information
Item # 150-2
1 - 11 units$5.20 ea.
12 - 23 units$4.65 ea.
24 + units$4.25 ea.

Product Description
BEST SELLER! 2"x36YD Solid Colored Vinyl Tape for aisle marking, sealing, color coding, decorative use, and masking where chemicals are involved. Cost effective way to mark your floors utilizing OSHA color codes to promote safety and better traffic flow. Floor marking tapes are stocked in white vinyl tape, black vinyl tape, yellow vinyl tape, red vinyl tape, green vinyl tape, blue vinyl tape, and orange vinyl tape. Other colors, that for a 1 case minimum, can be ordered. We can special order clear, medium blue, sky blue, gray, purple, dark brown, medium brown, light green, and dark emerald green vinyl tapes. Colored vinyl tapes are great for decorative purposes when you need flexibility, water resistance, and bright colors. If you are using this tape to mark your floor and aisles, be sure to prep your surface properly first. The area must be clean from dust, debri, wax build up, or oils that could interfere with the adhesive's ability to adhere to the surface. Citrus based cleaners are great for this purpose. Adhesive primers can aid in long term life, as well. (24 rls./cs.) STOCK ITEM. USUALLY SHIPS SAME DAY.

Other Sizes Available
150 1/2"x36YD Colored Vinyl Tape

150 3/4"x36YD Colored Vinyl Tape

150 1"x 36YD White Vinyl Tape
1 - 47 units$3.75 ea.
48 + units$2.47 ea.
150 1"x 36YD Colored Vinyl Tape

150 3"x36YD Colored Vinyl Tape

150 4"x36YD Colored Vinyl Tape

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150 2" x 36YD Colored Vinyl Tape